Introducing Plan-Opt:

Plan-Opt is a consultancy specialising in the planning and optimisation of 2G and 3G radio networks. We have over 22 years experience in the cellular field and over 11 years experience in GSM

We have used our experience to design and create a software solution for radio planners and optimisers which greatly increases their efficiency and effectiveness.

Plan-Opt software provides a geographic visualisation of your network and combines everyday tasks using features normally found in various different tools. It can be used to perform:

  • Frequency Planning
  • Scrambling Code Planning
  • Neighbour Planning
  • Performance Analysis
  • Drive Test Analysis
  • Many other Optimisation tasks

Most optimisation professionals find that they have to learn to use multiple tools and constantly switch between them in order to perform their daily work.
Plan-Opt combines these tasks into one package, allowing most daily tasks to be performed by a single tool. Read more...

Plan-Opt also offers consulting services for Radio Planning and Optimisation and Geographic visualisation for optimisation