Planning & Optimisation Consultancy :

Use our experience to develop your own people

At Plan-Opt we beleive that optimisation is vital to making your network perform as your stakeholders expect and your customers demand.

We beleive that the key to acheiving good performance is a combination of good network intelligence and local knowledge. That doesn't come from consultants who come in to fix problems and then go away again. It comes from your engineers who know the network and the geographical and cultural characteristics of your country.

That's why we prefer to provide our expertise to help your people to perfom better and grow.

We can work with your engineers to support them, develop processes for efficient optimisation and problem solving. We can help them to think about traffic management and performance management and to develop the skills to analyse and understand what is happening to the network.

Of course, if there's a particular project for which you need our help and experience, then we are happy to provide our services for the duration of the project.

We offer the following experience:

  • Multiple networks in many countries
  • Most major vendors
  • Most third-party tools
  • Multiband networks (GSM-EGSM-DCS-UMTS)
  • Multilayer networks (Macro-micro-pico-special)
  • Traffic management between layes and bands
  • Design and optimisation of:
    • Outdoor macros
    • Street micros
    • Repeaters
    • Indoor micros
    • Special Projects
    • Metro / Underground systems
    • Football stadia
    • Shopping malls
  • RF Planning Tools
  • Drive test tools
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Intelligent analysis tools
  • Automatic frequency planning
  • Automatic Cell Planning

For further details, please contact us directly either by email or via our contact page