Plan-Opt software:

Day to day Optimisation made easy

Plan-Opt is a fully supported and maintained software tool which gives you an easy to understand visualisation of your radio network. All your daily optimisation tasks and the information you need are now in one place.

Plan-Opt directly imports a wide range of data formats for most BSS vendors, and custom import functions can easily be created to import data from your own databases. This means that you are always up to date with the latest network configuration visible.

Plan-Opt provides a suite of tools to review, plan or modify the important parameters of each site, as well as tools to visualise the performance of individual cells or regions:

Once you have identified the actions needed to optimise your cells, Plan-Opt also provides the tools to re-plan parameters and send them to the network for implementation.

  • Database editor to view important cell parameters, frequencies & neighbours
  • Analyse plan for common frequency & neighbour discrepancies
  • Compare plans to identify additions/deletions and modifications
  • Display cell performance geographically.
  • Interference display for 2G & 3G
  • Frequency or Scrambling Code re-use display
  • Scrambling Code planner for wide area SC re-planning.
  • Frequency finder to identify clean 2G frequencies or 3G scrambling codes
  • Neighbour plan display, including 2G/3G neighbours
  • Neighbour add / delete tool
  • Display predicted cell coverage from your propogation predictions
  • Display predicted inter-cell interference or overlap from predictions
  • Visualise network topolgy by colouring cells or best server.
  • Display and analyse drive tests

We can, of course, further tailor the software to your requirements. We also incorporate the best suggestions of our customers into future releases of the software.

Try it for yourself!

When you're ready to test it, you can get a fully functioning demonstration version of the software from our Download Page

Some example screen-shots are shown below. For further details, please contact us by email or via our contact page

Site Editor:

Predicted Coverage Display:

Predicted Cell Overlap Display:

Potential Interfer display:

Neighbour Plan display:

Frequency / Scrambling Code Finder:


Colour cells by parameter: (e.g. LAC)

Colour best server by parameter: (e.g. LAC)

Drive Test analysis:

Coverage of single BCCH or SC:

Display KPIs on Best Server (DL Qual HO %):

For further details, please contact us directly either by email or via our contact page